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Temp Alert ID, LLC- Our family's story.

 Alison Swanigan TempAlertID About Us

Our family founded Temp Alert ID, LLC in 2012 after our 2 year old son, Jack  was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  After looking into medic alert IDs we tried the bracelets, the silicone bands, the shoe tags, etc. and Jack, being a typical stubborn 2 year old, would fight us on every solution or take them off.

We found that a lot of adults with health concerns go as far as to permanently tattoo their skin with their alert information- GENIUS!  Obviously that would be extreme for a two year old so we decided to design our own temporary tattoos.  Best part was- Jack loves wearing them!  He flashes his “stickers” to everyone we meet.

We quickly realized that our experience was not unique and that these medic alert temporary tattoos would help a lot of families and with much more than just Diabetes.  We branched out from Diabetes alerts and now provide Epilepsy, Peanut Allergy, Celiac and other IDs as well.  We even offer custom printed tattoos now for custom wording or more specific alerts or personal identification.

We've had the pleasure of working closely with nonprofit organizations to help spread awareness on medic alert safety and identification and often participate in JDRF, ADA and local charity events to donate our products to help others in the same situation we've been in ourselves.

We hope that others facing this challenge will find the freedom and peace of mind gained by use of our product.  When caring for a child or your own health concerns, having one less thing to worry about in the process can make a world of difference.

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Thank you,

The Swanigan Family

(Alison, Andy, Lily and Jack)